Indian media fraud caught, new map of Nepal propaganda for the media

source: onlinekhabar, rally to support new map, to protest on goverment of Nepal handling Corona virus

Indian media is on fire following the bill to change the new map of Nepal in the constitution getting passed anonymously in Lower Parliament of Nepal. The bill to include Limpiyadhura, Lipu Lekh and Kalapani in the map of Nepal was passed without any hindrance in the Lower House of Parliament in Nepal.
Some of these Indian media, the so called Godi media, notorious in India itself, has started propaganda to influence the Indian people and force Indian government to act with violent manipulating contents.

Indian Media propaganda: fake news loose on major media houses

Youths in Nepal have been demanding Government of Nepal to control corona virus by increasing the PCR test and to make the expenses transparent. They are asking the government to manage quarantines and rescue Nepalis in other countries. For this they are organising protests in different parts of the country with social distancing. The same demands and protests are happening in India as well. But Indian media are capturing these scenes blurring the banners and relaying the content as a protest against the bill of new map in constitution.

Peaceful protest in Nepal
These handful Indian Medias are claiming the disputed area as part of India without any proof. The only voice they have is these areas are of India and controlled by India. They blame China for manipulating Nepal in taking action. But they are unaware of the history and facts that Nepal wants the lands according to the treaty signed by Nepal and the predecessor of India, British India Company named Sugauli Treaty. The Indian media has never discussed on the validity of the proof Nepal has. They discuss mostly of power India has and why it should not let go of the occupied land instead of holding talks to resolve the issue.
Indian Army were were allowed to station in the disputed area by the then King of Nepal during India-China war in 1962. The area has been controlled by India ever since as the Indian army never returned back.

The government of Nepal took action to send back Indian force after India generated its own political map without consulting Nepal and including these seiged lands few months back. Nepal opposed the map of India then. But Nepal too generated own map after India inaugurated road in the disputed area joining India and China.

India is playing the blame game and has not appeared for a diplomatic dialogue with an excuse of corona outbreak.Though India has been having dialogue to settle dispute in China-India border.

Some snaps from different media in Nepal :

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