Bagbhairav jatra celebrated in Kirtipur

As an annual procession, bhadra 1, today is the big day for Kirtipur. The deity that saved Kirtipur, Bagbhairav, had its jatra today.

This festival is being celebrated with rejoice in ward no. 1 of Kirtipur. It started around 4pm and will continue all night long. It started with the Bagbhairav idol being placed in a chariot. This chariot is then lifted by people and the procession of this chariot takes place in the city. Different musical instruments welcome the chariot.

In the morning special worshipping of the idol was completed with the morning bath. Sacrifices are then made by the Bajracharya pundits which is named 'panch bali', meaning five sacrifices.

Musical instruments and demon god 'lakhey' in each and every corner of the city need to participate in this jatra. It’s a mandatory festival of Kirtipur.

Bagbhairav is named 'Aju' or 'Bajya' by the locals. Both words mean ancestor or grandfather of the Kirtipuris.

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